Stalking Survival Handbook

Stalking Survival Handbook

“Anyone can be a stalker, and anyone can be a stalking victim.”
~ Rhonda Saunders

A free guide on what to do if you are stalked.

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Helping Crime Victims

What are Your Rights as a Victim?
What Happens to Someone Once Convicted of a Crime?
What Happens After Sentencing?
These questions and more will be explained in this section.

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Online Resources

Victim resources include;
All California Codes, Victim Services, Victims’ Services Unit, Victim Compensation Board, Cal. Secretary of State Safe at Home, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services – Victim Services Program, Self Help, Restraining Orders…

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Notification Request

The victim of crime, family member of a victim, or a witness who testified against the offender may request to be notified of the release, death, or escape of their offender(s). Requests can be made by completing the CDCR form 1707, Request for Victim Services.
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