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Rhonda Saunders is an expert in the areas of stalking, workplace violence and criminal threats.

Rhonda Saunders


Rhonda Saunders is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of stalking, workplace violence, and criminal threats. She has lectured to prosecutors, law enforcement, civil and criminal law firms, corporations, security associations and victim advocacy groups throughout the world.

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Whisper of Fear: The True Story of the Prosecutor Who Stalks the Stalkers (Berkley True Crime)

From the woman who wrote the law on stalking comes the story of the chilling experiences that shaped her career.

Stalking is among the most ancient, common, and widely-discussed of all anti-social behaviors, yet this dangerous behavior is underappreciated as a serious problem.

Anyone can be a stalker, and anyone can be a stalking victim—especially today with so much personal information readily available online. Prosecutor Rhonda B. Saunders has made a career of battling this form of attack. She has prosecuted on behalf of celebrities, including Madonna, Steven Spielberg, and Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as countless ordinary individuals chose, for whatever reason, as prey. Now Saunders shares the pivotal stories from her career, how she developed the legal weapons to fight stalking, and offers powerful insight into the minds and habits of stalkers, as well as how anyone can protect against them.


“[A] fascinating and authoritative inside look at the legal and psychological aspects of this frightening phenomenon.”
—New York Times bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi
“Saunders . . . engrossingly explores the menacing crime of stalking . . . Readers will be intrigued.”
—Publishers Weekly




Helpful tips to protect yourself.
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What are Your Rights as a Victim?
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